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Основан в 1991 году

Отзывы студентов ИМТП о прослушанных лекций британских преподавателей

Reviews of the courses in English conducted by Dr Russell Warhurst (University of Chaster, UK) and Dr Paul Flodman (Lancaster University, UK)

Shergelashvili Victoria (4МЭ):
This spring we had lectures on Human Resource Management conducted by Dr.Russell Warhust. I really liked the lectures and the way the professor presented the material. It was pleasant to listen to him first of all because of his distinct pronunciation. I also liked the fact that he always made us participate in this class, in the discussion of most urgent and relevant topics. At every lesson we were involved in work doing some case studies. I appreciate it because I think it’s crucial to not only give information, but also give practical ways for using it. From my point of view, he communicated his message very clearly and it made his lectures fascinating and interesting. At the end of the course we had an exam comprising five questions on his course. We were expected to be eloquent and articulate in our works. I should say it was rather complicated, especially for those who didn’t quite understand what he was talking about. I think having such experience will do us a lot of good in the future. This course was a good way of improving the language and communicating skills, so I’m looking forward to having such experience again.

Djioeva Inga (4МЭ):
In spring we had lectures on HRM conducted by an English lecturer and a businessman Russell Warhurst. It was rather exciting, because we had never had lectures in English before. As for me, I liked the lectures a lot, mainly because of Dr.Warhurst. He is a very interesting and friendly person, involving everyone into the discussion. He runs his own business, so he gave us examples from his own experience, which was rather effective and inspiring. Up to date examples and pieces of advice got almost all the students involved in the process. His speech was very eloquent and to the point. For me, it was rather easy to understand what he was talking about, but not all our students managed this. I think, it’s rather good way of improving the language and communicating skills. I’m looking forward to having such experience again.

Ogorodnikov Ilya (4МЭ):
I really enjoyed Russell’s lectures. Although the classes lasted only a week, he managed to introduce a lot of new material for us and issues for further studying. I like the way he presented the material. Every time we revised the key points of what we had gone through the day before. Besides, it wasn’t just mere theory. He used the best approach of combining both his practical experience and theoretical material. Unlike most Russian lecturers I had come across in my life, Russell is able to grasp the audience’s attention and make people listen to him, even those who were not much interested in the subject. The exam was tough but interesting to take. He included practical tasks so that he could check not only our mastering the theory, but also how we can apply it in practice. This week was a pleasure for me and I hope I will soon have the opportunity to do some courses with foreign lecturers again.

Matveeva Eugenia (4Ю):
In April we had one week of lectures with Doctor Paul Flodman from Lancaster University of England. The subject for theses lectures was English Contract Law. Of course it’s impossible to learn all contract law within one week, but nevertheless I liked the lectures a lot. I quite realize that English law is totally different from Russian law and I like that Dr. Flodman explained everything by giving us some good and simple examples. I also liked the atmosphere of the lectures – it was informal and we were encouraged to ask any questions about law cases. Dr. Flodman has a great skill of explaining difficult and important problems in a simple way: he always gave us some examples from his own practice, so that we could understand how to implement this information in every-day life. The only thing I didn’t like was the first lecture. It was an introduction and I think it was a bit too long. I suppose he did so to make us got used to the native English speaker, to the English accent and to the speed of speech, but I think the senior students at our Institute have no problems in understanding. So, to sum everything up, these lectures were a good experience, mainly it was a great language experience and a good background information.

Kasintseva Lyuba (4Ю):
In April our group had lectures on English Contract Law, conducted by Dr. Paul Flodman from Lancaster University. His broad area of expertise is European and International Law, particularly International Property Rights and Competition Law. He is a reputable lecturer with his own specific teaching style. He lectured on International Law at various universities of Britain. Nowadays he teaches not only in Russia, but many other West European countries as well. Dr. Flodman brought his dynamic style to his classes, in which many complicated things were covered, and tried to motivate us to want to learn more and to better understand the complexities of the Contract Law. He didn’t just read the notes, but performed each lecture. At the first lecture he tried to engage us and get acquainted with us. We discussed the world financial crisis, the political situation in different countries, etc. We had an opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge and share our ideas. Dr. Flodman focused on the core points and emphasized the key ideas via multimedia presentations. And this facilitated the process of digesting even the most complicated and intricate information. The professor is a very interesting person, with a wonderful sense of humour that he demonstrates at every lecture. He was able to present even the most “boring” topics in a way which is pleasant and easy to comprehend. He had an ability to explain things at a level that you’re able to understand thoroughly. He managed to illustrate practically all the information through real-life examples. Sometimes it wasn’t efficient and we could hardly understand what he meant. Fortunately he was always eager to explain everything in plain words again and again. He usually brought out funny cases and stories from his own experience. He was striving to understand our interests and was able to create rapport to engage us. I think he managed to create a comfortable learning environment. Dr. Flodman is an absolutely amazing person with a true passion and love for his job and students. And we had a great experience to talk to a native speaker on such intricate matters as Law. Despite the fact that Flodman liked to digress on everything (his family, football, cars, weather, etc.) we had extremely informative lectures on the English Contract Law.