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Staff Curriculum Vitae


Dr Russell Warhurst


Business & Management

Job Title:


Subject Group:

Organisation and Human Resource Management

AACSB Status:

(SA/ PA/ SP/ LP/ O)

For AACSB Purposes – Quality Support Team to complete


Academic Qualifications

Qualification (specify subject)

Degree Granting Institution

Dates (or Expected Completion Date)


Leeds Metropolitan University


Post-graduate Certificate in Research Methods

Leeds Metropolitan University


MA in Strategic HRM

Newcastle University
ESC, Grenoble


Certificate in Education F/HE

CNAA / Greenwich


BA (Hons) Economics

University of Liverpool


Current Membership of Professional Bodies

Professional Body

Level of Membership








Career History




Northumbria University

Reader, Organisation and Human Resource Management


Aalto University Business School, Finland

Visiting professor


Institute of International Trade and Law, Moscow

Visiting professor


University of Chester

Senior Research Fellow (previously “Senior Lecturer”); Programme Leader for Executive MBA programme


Liverpool Direct Ltd

Development Associate (P/T concurrent)


Herriot Watt University

HRD Responsibilities / Head of Professional & Manager Learning


BMW-Rover Group

Management Developer, (P/T concurrent)


Leeds Metropolitan University

Senior Lecturer in HRM and Course Director CIPD / MA in HRM


Northumbria University

Lecturer in Business and Management


Management Training Unit, Guildford College / British Airways Academy

Training Adviser


NW Norfolk CC

Youth Training Co-ordinator


University of Bath

Research Assistant / PhD Student


HSBC Banking Group

Management Trainee / HR Assistant



Research Outputs and Publications


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


2015: ‘Later-career learning: the self and the social in sustaining employability’, with Black, K, Journal of Workplace Learning, Accepted


2015: “Why don't they attend: A case study of students’ lives in an age of virtual-learning”, with Black, K, Studies in Higher Education, under review


2015: “A question of identity: understanding managers’ receptivity to learning”, Personnel Review, under review


2015: “The meaning of mentoring in middle-managers’ learning.  Mentoring as identity formation” With Black, K, Pending submission


2015: “What do managers’ know?  Understanding experienced managers’ knowledge”, With Black, K., Pending submission to Journal of Management Development


2015: “Strategy and struggle: discourses of learning, change and influence in later-career middle-managers’ identity-work”, With Black, K, Pending submission


2013: ‘Learning in an age of cuts: managers as enablers of workplace learning’, Journal of Workplace Learning, 23:1, pp. 37-57


2013: “Hard times for HRD, lean times for learning?  Participatory practices and workplace learning in austerity”, European Journal of Training and Development, 37:6, pp. 508-526.


2012: ‘Leadership development as identity formation: middle managers’ leadership learning from MBA study’, HRD International, 15:4, 1-17


2011: ‘Role models and role modelling in leadership formation’, European Journal of Industrial Training, 34:9, 874-891


2011: Manager learning as identity formation: the case of beginning managers’ Management Learning, 42:3, 261-278


2009: with Harper, A. and Nolan, T. ‘What UK graduate employers think they want and what UK business schools think they provide’ International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy, 3:3, 275-289


2008: ‘Reflections on reflective learning in professional formation’, Studies in the Education of Adults, 40:2, 176-191


2008: “Cigars on the flight deck: new lecturers’ participatory learning within workplace communities of practice”, Studies in Higher Education, 33:4, 453-467


2006: ‘We really felt a part of something”: participatory learning among peers within a university teaching-development community of practice’, International Journal for Academic Development, 11:2, 112-122


Competitive Research Awards Received


2015 Universities Forum for HRD Research Honorarium [Co-investigator], “Understanding the efficacy of HRD through the identity lens: The case of manager learning”


2014-2015: HEIF Impact Grant (£5,000) [Co-investigator], ‘Working Late: Learning and Engagement in Later Careers’


2014-2015: Research and Enterprise Assistance Funding, “Understanding the efficacy of HRD through the identity lens: The case of manager learning”


2013-2014: Small research grant (£6,500) [Co-investigator], ‘Later-career learning: a case-study of knowledge workers’


2013-2014: HEIF-KT project (£15,000) [Co-investigator], ‘Working Late - Playing Well: Health, Wellbeing, and Lifelong Learning in Later Careers’


2012-2013: Small research grant (£10,000) [Principal investigator], Manager education and managers’ practice


2011-2012: University Pedagogic Research Grant (£10,000) [Principal investigator], Why students don’t attend classes?


2010-2011: Small research grant (£10,000) [Principal investigator], Managers’ Experiential Learning




2015: ‘More than pictures: visual methodologies in HRD research’, With Black, K., in Tosey, P. and Saunders, M. eds. Methodologies in HRD Research, Edward-Elgar


2015: ‘A visual approach to HRD research: the case of managerial identity’, With Black, K., in Tosey, P. and Saunders, M. eds. Methodologies in HRD Research, Edward-Elgar



Invited Guest Speaker Activities/Seminars/Workshops                                                                    

British Academy of Management Identity and Knowledge/Learning Joint SIG, “Strategy and struggle: discourses of learning, change and influence in later-career middle-managers’ identity-work”(with Black, K)

20 March, 2015

NE region HR Forum, “Generation Z and HR2020: Opportunities and expectations” (with Black, K and undergraduate students)

12 March, 2015

British Academy of Management Identity SIG, “Frontiers in Identity Enquiry” (with Black, K)

8 January, 2015


Significant Participation in Business Professional Associations (eg CIPD, CIPS, CIM, AAT etc)



Lead member in establishing CIPD North-West / University of Chester Business School Partnership: Establishing collaborative HRM and OD Research Interest Group


‘Developing Supervising Students’ Lead developer an facilitator of accredited module (University of Chester)