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Отзывы студентов о прослушанных лекциях иностранных преподавателей 2011/2012 уч. г.

In April, 2012, we had very impressive lectures on “International Marketing & Public Relations” conducted by Dr. Susan Kinnear. The material was presented superbly and it was pleasant to listen to her beautiful English. The lectures were very interesting; there were lots of important examples. We were also involved in discussion of case studies during the lessons. From my point of view, we received invaluable experience and knowledge because we had not even studied some things in our lectures in Russian. I think this course was a rare chance of improving our communication skills in English. I’m really looking forward to having such wonderful experience in the nearest future. (Boris Chochua).

Last week we had lectures on “International Marketing & Public Relations” by Dr. Susan Kinnear, University of Manchester. The lectures included the overview of many theoretical and practical issues in the field of international marketing and PR. Undoubtedly it was a great experience for all students, which will be very useful for our professional life. We studied not only theoretical issues of the course but also practical, hands-on skills such as writing press releases. We learned how to write, structure and assess them. I want to emphasize the fact that the lectures wouldn’t have been so interesting if it hadn’t been for the personality of the teacher, Mrs.Kinnear. She gave us lots of up-to-date examples, helped to write press releases, corrected our mistakes and all in all she showed sincere involvement. (Anonymous student).

Dr. Susan Kinnear is a charismatic lecturer, whose manner of speaking discouraged us in the beginning, but very soon we got used to it. Her lectures were vital and energetic and the issues discussed at the lectures made the audience listen to her very attentively. She also managed to maintain a high level of discipline. Her tasks were not very big but she controlled the results and helped everyone. She worked in close contact with the students. (Arseny Ushakov).

At first the speed of Dr Susan Kinnear’s speech seemed too fast, but later we got used to it. Mrs.Kinnear is a positive, open-hearted lady, responsive, can make the class listen in silence and speak when they are spoken to. She is interested in students, has personal approach to every student, can control the process of studying and gives interesting exercises. She makes very positive impression. I wish I could attend her classes one more time… and one more time again. (Anonymous student).

Dr. Susan Kinnear’s lectures were interesting and exciting. I liked the fact that she spent more time working with the class than reading the text from the slides. Live work involved a lot of students. Susan Kinnear immediately corrected our mistakes and helped us do the task. (Anonymous student).

As for Dr. Russell Warhurst’s lectures, I’ve found them very interesting, despite the fact that I’m training to be a lawyer. Our group (group of lawyers) had very little experience in HR Management. Fortunately, Professor Warhurst explained HR management in detail. He gave us a lot of real life examples, asked us comprehensive questions. Unfortunately, I didn’t know management as well as students of economics and management. It was very difficult for us to do exercises and case studies. Sometimes I even had to read additional books on HR management. It turned out to be very interesting! I also had invaluable and useful experience of hearing the British Professor’s speech. He helped me see HRM from a different angle and get first-hand and practical knowledge. I would like to thank Prof.Warhurst for his exciting lectures, which helped me realize what HRM is. (Kate Smirnova).

Dr. Russell Warhurst is an interesting, fascinating lecturer. He makes people interested in what he is telling them but sometimes his lectures seem to be overloaded with information. I felt a bit frustrated having seen that his practical tasks were too big and the time to check them was lim ited, and few people were asked to participate in discussions. As for his tasks themselves, they tend to be too long. The language is very intelligible, everything he tells the audience is clear. Even those who are not very good at English understood him. I liked working under him. (Anonymous student).

Before the lectures of Dr. Russell Warhurst I thought they would be very exciting, interesting and informative. I listened to the first 3-4 lectures with pleasure. Russel’s lectures are really informative and understandable. I liked the way he discusses the themes. In general, it was interesting experience for me. I think I should have been more attentive, if Prof.Warhurst had assessed our knowledge and kept an account of our attendance in the process. (Anonymous student).

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